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people who kaer

Morose carrot soup

Morose carrot soup

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• Morosh carrot soup, refined with carrot powder and apple

• Made in Germany

• Weight: 200g

• Brand: people who kaer


Up to 10 kg - 1 tbsp (15g) per day
Up to 20 KG - 2 tbsp (30g) per day
Up to 30 KG - 3 tbsp (45g) per day
Up to 40 KG - 4 tbsp (60g) per day

Consumption time:

Up to 10 kg body weight - about 13.5 applications
Up to 20 kg body weight - about 6.5 applications
Up to 30 kg body weight - about 4.5 applications
Up to 40 kg body weight - about 3.5 applications


•Carrot pomace, carrot powder, apple pomace


• 40% carrot pomace, 40% carrot powder, 20% apple pomace

analytical components

• 6.2% crude protein, 1.4% crude fat, 15.7% crude fiber, 5.5% crude ash

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